Tree Care With Proper Tree Trimming Tips

stump grindingIf you are a tree lover and want to care better of your trees, gardens & lawns, so first of all you need to know about professional tree care service providers, who specializes in overall tree care services like tree trimming, santa rosa stump grinding, tree removals, tree pruning, etc.

There are several factors behind the tree falling at the base or roots are pulled up and unshaped or long branches growing and crossing the trees, so these trees need to be trimmed before they would be a cause of any accident or mishap. Tree trimming & pruning services offering by Treepro professional tree care in California including many areas. They are expertise in tree care and they have an award wining experience in this field.

Reasons For Tree Trimming

Trees are trimmed generally for three purposes:

  • Aesthetics: Tree trimming mainly helps in maintaining its shape & appearance, there is no need of imposing an unnatural shape and size as they could seriously damage it.

  • Safety: Dead or broken & unshaped branches can fall down at any time, so they should be trimmed away.

  • Health: To save an infected tree by strategically pruning or trimming affected branches and limbs. Thinning the crown of a tree would be very beneficial for air flow, so it should be trimmed away.

Some of the tree trimming tips you need to follow:

  1. It’s almost best to trim or prune the trees during the dormant season, the only exception is hazard exists.

  2. Trim the weak, unshaped or V-shaped branches and retain the branches that have strong U-shaped & natural angels.

  3. The ratio of living crown to the tree height should be two third for better results, after trimming has been done.

  4. Trim the branches in young age, it’s much more easy to manage at this point.

  5. Don’t trim a branch too close or too long. You shouldn’t leave a large stub or remove the branch collar.

Treepro professional is fully responsible for all your sebastopol tree care needs, We are just a call away from you to give you better tree care services in the whole California including Santa rosa, Sebastopool, Healdsburg etc. Call now!!!


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