Removing Tree Stumps – Necessary Or Not?


After a Windsor tree removal, the next step is removing stumps. If you have hired a professional tree removal service, then you have to decide first, that you want them to grind stumps also, along with tree removal or not. As it depends on you whether to keep tree stumps or not.

If you are finding it difficult to decide whether to keep tree stumps or not, then read the below points and you will be clear with your views on what to do with tree stumps.

  1. The tree stumps harms the look of your beautiful yard. All the trees fully grown or half grown and in between the tree stumps doesn’t suit your yard or garden. We all know that this is not a professional reason, but still a point to consider. Simply, there is no reason to keep the tree stumps.
  2. They are dangerous to children in the family as they use your yard to play and enjoy their free time. While playing and running in the yard, the children may hit the tree stumps and they will get injured.
  3. Now suppose you want to mow your lawn, the tree stump can be a headache to you. You will not be able to properly mow your lawn.
  4. Also, if you want to set a driveway or a walkway and the tree stump is in between then you have one and only option that is to remove it.
  5. They are prone to attract fungus or insects, which in turn can harm the other trees of your yard.
  6. The tree stumps can also initiate new growth around, which may not be needful and may take efforts to kill or remove those unwanted plants.
  7. The tree stump can be unnecessary as it is surrounding an important space of your yard which can be reused to plant another tree or some other purpose.

So call a rohnert park stump grinding service or a professional to remove the unwanted tree stumps and get more free space to lavish your yard.


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