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The Impact of Tree Fertilization and Soil Management

The most important aspect of taking care of plants is maintaining the relationship between said plant and the soil. When the relationship between these two entities is well balanced, we often find that the plants do exceptionally well and generally have fewer issues while growing. Keeping a well-balanced scale not only ensures longevity of the …

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The Benefits of Bracing and Cabling Trees

Trees have been known to grow in a wild manner. Sometimes, this manner is undesirable because the tree itself can grow in a way that it cannot support its weight especially when it comes to multi-trunked trees and trees that have open canopies. If left unchecked, this tree growth can cause property damage, the decline …

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Why Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Is Necessary for Tree Care

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a term that’s common in the tree care business. In simple terms, IPM in regards to shrubs and trees means using diverse methods to curb the damages inflicted on landscape plantings by pests or diseases. Hire best cotati tree care  service if you are from cotati . The main point …

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