The Impact of Tree Fertilization and Soil Management

The most important aspect of taking care of plants is maintaining the relationship between said plant and the soil. When the relationship between these two entities is well balanced, we often find that the plants do exceptionally well and generally have fewer issues while growing. Keeping a well-balanced scale not only ensures longevity of the plant, but also its vigor in growing.  for care your trees in cotati  always find best  cotati tree care  service .


Using bio-stimulants
Based on the kind of tree, we can apply the right fit of bio-stimulants that aid the growth of important bacteria that increase the soil’s microbial activities thus promoting growth and reach of the tree’s roots.

tree care
Root aeration and excavation
Many trees have not matured due to the fact that they were not planted at the optimum depth. As such, the trees are denied the essentials to grow and start suffering from dieback, thin canopies and even early fall color. Using an Air-spade, we can decisively examine the tree’s roots and determine a proper way forward.
Trees are just like any other plants. They need care so that they can grow to be strong and productive. Sometimes there are trees that don’t do so well by themselves. These trees have a different color of foliage, have no vigor or have dieback of twigs. Each of these symptoms can be worrisome for people without the expertise of taking care of trees. When such situations present themselves, it means that the tree needs fertilization and soil management so that it can be able to grow in the proper way.
In simple terms, this tree fertilization is like a boost of necessary nutrients exactly when the plant needs it most. With the fertilization, your tree receives much needed aid so that it can not only survive, but thrive in its environment.
Benefits of tree fertilization
Promotes tree health
The first and most important benefit of tree fertilization is the impact on the tree itself. The process improves the soil by reducing the soil compaction thus improving aeration which in turn increases water, oxygen and micronutrient absorption. In short, this process makes the soil healthier and more favorable for the tree’s growth.  a best tree care service provider

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rohnert park tree trimming

Helps trees flourish in urban settings
In the tree’s natural environment, it’s usually fed by the dead decaying plant matter on the ground such as leaves, twigs or even animal remains. However, in the urban setting, we find that areas of concrete and compressed grass around the trees hinder them from the proper growth they require. This is because the concrete hinders regular absorption of oxygen, water and other nutrients. As such, these trees benefit greatly from tree fertilization.

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